• Enslave a man’s body and he is only your slave whilst he is in chains: enslave a man’s mind and he is your slave forever - Part one

    I recently was able to play the most tantalising of roles - I had become part of a group of women with plans for world domination; though the group has no official name for convenience they can be referred to as the Sisterhood. Their objective is to turn every man on the planet into slaves to be used and abused by womankind. They have had some success; with many men in what where considered "high up" positions ; all kept under control by the hidden hand of a strong woman.

    In order to develop and test her techniques she arranges the capture of males and has them brought to her dungeon where their will is broken and they are converted in to slaves. These techniques included discovering a mans deepest desires, teasing them. ther subjecting them to denial and obedience training. Always with her motto (the name of this blog post) in mind.

    To capture my latest victim I had arranged with some corrupt police officers to raid a brothel. Under strict instructions the officers where to wait untill they heard the victim was aroused then arrest, apply a chasity device then take him to the dungeon to under go correction.

    Once my victim was bundled into my chambers, sexually fustrated, confused and tightly locked up I carefully explained that in order to be released from my custody he would have to under go training to correct him and his perverted mind.

    The first step was to have to have my new victim confess his sexual desires to me, still fustrated from his earlier encounter at the brothel he couldnt help but blurt out how he wanted to "fuck" my "pussy" using this frustration against him I teased him and lead him into the next step -

    Obedience training- Usually the respected business man my trainee did not take lightly to being instructed to parade around on all fours like a dog but with some gentle teasing the aroused trainee was much easier to instruct which enabled him to do other degrading tasks such as worshiping my feet and when that was no longer humiliating enough I would take my foot away from his reach and force him to beg for the opportunity to kiss them again.

    The next step I like to call familiarization - this is the process in which the trainee was forced to recieve what he which to do to others, for those of you who lack imagination I used various toys to stretch and fuck him whilst constantly reminding him of how he had so rudely wanted to fuck my pussy.

    Left weak from this experience it was time to give my trainee hope - a chance to recieve my pussy but unfortunatley it was not quite what he had hoped for. his head locked in place in a device called the toilet box I invited in members of my sisterhood to urinate on him... this is the closest he would ever come to mine or any of the sisters pussys! My victim by this point was so sexually fustrated that he started to find the urination sexy and arousing which lead to him begging to be allowed to relieve him self.

    Myself and the sister hood fully understand that for medical reasons men do need to ejaculate regularly but to us this was a clinical procedure and would have to take place infront of at least three medical professionals. At his request I made him an appoinment at the clinic for the following day. The trainee was sent home, still locked up in his charity device, keys secure between my breast, eager to return the next day.

    well that is enough for today... just as my trainee did you will have to return tomorrow to see how this ends!

    Mistress Roxide xx


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